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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Sporting Oklahoma to provide a positive, safe and professional environment which encourages early engagement and a lifelong interest in soccer by providing quality programs, facilities, staff, education and leadership for youth players of all ages and abilities; to develop character, encourage physical fitness and foster personal growth for all our participants with a focus on learning invaluable life lessons realized through commitment, leadership, teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship; and to develop and prepare youth players of all ages and abilities for the next level of competition through progressive programing and age appropriate training designed to help each player reach their full potential.

Vision Statement

To be Oklahoma’s leading soccer club renowned for a strong association with its community and a long tradition of developing young talent that plays soccer the Sporting Oklahoma way.

Core Values - "S.P.O.R.T.I.N.G."

Sportsmanship. Perseverance. Optimism. Responsibility. Teamwork. Innovation. Next-Level Mindset. Growth.

Sportsmanship. We are passionate about sportsmanship and expect the members of our club to respect the rules, spirit and etiquette of the game. We will respect our teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators. We will be a positive reflection of ourselves, our team, our club and our community.

Perseverance. We believe that development and growth are greatly influenced by our continued effort to achieve our potential despite any difficulties or failures we may encounter. We will be resilient; viewing adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow as we refocus our effort with a determination and willingness to persevere.

Optimism. We will prepare for and expect outstanding results by setting positive expectations for ourselves and the participants in our programs. We believe optimism is both contagious and inspirational. Our optimism will inspire others to share our positive attitude and our belief that together we can achieve anything.

Responsibility. We are dedicated to ensuring the resources of our benefit corporation are utilized responsibly and efficiently in pursuit of our mission. We will be diligent in our efforts to maintain the highest standards of financial accountability and protect those resources afforded to us by our members, sponsors, partners and community.

Teamwork. We are committed to fostering an environment of unity and belonging for all of those we serve. We promote diversity and inclusion, creating a culture that brings together members of our community through our love for soccer and service to others. We will work together efficiently and effectively to realize our goals.

Innovation. We are advocates for progress and improvement in youth soccer. As such, we will seek out new and innovative programs to improve and further develop our players, teams and club. We will invest the time and resources necessary to assure the success of such programs and demonstrate a willingness to adapt to innovative ways of coaching, training and operating as a club.

Next-Level Mindset. We truly believe our mindset determines our level of success. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a next-level mindset through which we will strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Difficulties and failures will not discourage us- they will put us one step closer to success as we learn and evolve. We understand excellence is a habit, not a goal and we will welcome every challenge with enthusiasm, deliver on our commitments and be accountable for our actions.

Growth. We understand growth is the only path to achieving our goals. We are committed to continuous improvement of ourselves and the participants in our programs. We will actively pursue formal and informal learning opportunities to foster growth at the individual, team and club levels.